I had a pretty amazing 21st birthday.  No part of me will ever regret that it wasn’t spent in Vegas, drink in one hand, dice in the other with scantily clad friends cheering me on.  I woke up that morning in London and fell asleep in Paris.

Paris really is everything they say it is.  How I long to go back.  And while spending my 21st with my parents was so fun, going with my husband would be quite a different story.  Paris was made for lovers, for dreamers, for poets, for artists – add a few more manly things in there for him like protector and hunter, and that pretty much sums us up.

I discovered these gems the other day and my insatiable wanderlust began to flare up immediately.  The very talented husband and wife team over at Kitchener Photography remind me a lot of my beau and I – traveling the world, taking pictures, and creating art all along the way.  When our wanderings finally begin this summer, hopefully they lead us soon to Paris.