As I write this, it’s been nearly a year since Allie and I left on this adventure. Seems I should get caught up. The good news is that business has been good. Allie and I have been busy enough that keeping current on here hasn’t been a priority. But we’ll try to balance that out a bit.

At any rate, the video Part No. 4 (below) starts out on our last day in Italy, and follows us to Greece. In editing it, I’ve tried to capture the emotion of our travels; what it was like to say goodbye to Florence and Rome, and to be greeted by Athens. I made an effort to include shots from the daily/weekly routine – like “planning meetings” on the beach in Glyfada, taking the subway everywhere, and occasional visits to the market in Monastiraki.

We’ve already mentioned the somewhat-bitter taste that Athens left in our mouth, but it’s so important to keep it all in context and remember the soul-quenching feelings and experiences that come from travelling outside of your country (not to mention comfort zone).

These videos are a self-indulgence for me, in the sense that they’re really just for my own entertainment and benefit. Obviously I want to have something to share with friends, family, and future kiddos. But I’m a collector. I want to capture moments like this – the visual, the emotion, the nostalgia – and keep it all, and have it to take with me. There really is beauty and magic to be found while wandering foreign places – even in the dirty, dumpy streets of cities who have all but given up. I’m glad we got to sample life in Athens, even for just nine weeks.


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



And then there was Skiathos.

For all the stress and hard work in Athens, the pay off was Skiathos. This was our much needed get away. Allison and I wrote all about it already (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) if you want more of the back stories and photos. I’m sure it sounds obnoxious to complain that we needed a break from Athens, but so be it.

We needed a break from Athens. And this was it.



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