As the days and weeks pass, the reality that we are leaving for Spain soon continues to become more tangible.  Jeff reluctantly sold his beloved motorcycle today.  Although I still have plenty in my closet, I’ve only been wearing the same few pieces in different combinations that I’ll be taking with me.  We bought some of the last big items that we needed to go – a new laptop for Jeff’s business, a new camera, new boots for me, and a new helmet for Jeff.  I took the motorcycle safety test (pictures to follow) and now I’m wrestling with the decision to ride my own bike or being a passenger across Europe.

We’ve shelled out a lot of money to get ready and there are still a few things we need.  It’s rather ironic that we’ve spent a lot of money to buy more things when the rest of what we already have is being sold, donated, or put into storage.  But that said, now we have quality pieces that will last through the months and miles on a motorcycle.  And in the end, what’s more important to us is that eventually we are buying lasting memories and experiences (and some Moroccan leather bags, Swiss chocolate, Italian gelato, and Grecian olive wood).