When Jeff and I got married, I wanted tons of succulents and cacti to decorate with instead of flowers.  A few years ago, I had purchased about 100 glass jars and vases from a candle company that was going out of business.  These became the home for our tiny succulents and I absolutely loved them.

baby succulentsWell, after 7 months, some of these once tiny succulents and cacti are huge.  The aloe vera is, frankly, out of control.  It was definitely time to give them a new home and after lots of searching and searching and not finding what we wanted, we decided to make our own planter boxes.

With relative little planning and leaving all the math equations to Jeff, we headed to the store for supplies.  A few hours of cutting, drilling, sanding, staining, and drying – voilà, really handsome, rustic planter boxes.

succs 2It took a little juggling to figure out which plants should go in which box, and in the end we had space left over.   So, of course, that meant another trip to get brand new succulents.  I lined the bottom of the box with a trash bag to prevents leaks.  Then I spread a layer of river rocks for drainage – too much water will kill these little guys.  Once they were planted, I had some tiny black rocks that we spread all over to give it a really nice touch.  Jeff said it looked so good that it looked fake!

I’ve also been wanting an herb garden for a while, so we got a some of those as well – chives, thai basil, cilantro, oregano, sweet basil.  They live behind the kitchen sink now, so it’s so easy to just clip off some herbs, wash, and then cut them up with my awesome 5 blade herb scissors I got for Christmas.


My lovely mother-in-law has kindly agreed to babysit them while we are away on our travels.  It seems silly, but I know I will miss them.  Having so much greenery surrounding us in so many areas of the house will be sad to leave behind.


One of my favorite things about having these is watching Jeff care for them.  I thought he would think they were cool, but since I’ve brought them home initially, he has been the one to water them, fertilize them, trim off the dead parts, and has done a lot of research about them when a few weren’t looking too good.  He’s going to be a good daddy for sure :)