I do love steak. I love grilling, and I love steak.

Earlier this spring, on Easter Sunday, I thought I’d try my hand at slow-grilling a nice big chunk of tri tip. I’ve had it in restaurants and always thought it was delicious. For those who don’t know, it’s an extra tasty sirloin cut of beef, with a nice layer of fat on top. It is generally served medium-rare to medium.

I learned how to slow cook it on the grill by following the instructions by The Tri Tip Guy. He deserves the credit. The short version is:

1. Let the meat warm up to room temperature before you grill it.
2. Pre-heat the grill to 350-375 (and keep it there the whole time).
3. Place the meat on the grill, fat-side-up.
4. Close the lid and cook for 15 minutes, keeping the temperature at 350-375.
5. Flip it (use tongs – not a fork or knife, as you don’t want to lose those good juices).
6. Let it cook for another 15-20+ (depending on the size of the roast)
7. Once it “bounces” off the grill, you’re getting close (watch his video to understand this better).
8. Use a meat thermometer. Take it off the grill once it hits 135 degrees or 140-145 degrees for medium.
9. Let the meat rest for 8-10 minutes before you cut it open. Yes, really. It’s important. In fact, I like to heat up the serving plate in the microwave first before placing the meat on it. This helps to keep the meat from cooling off too much while it’s resting.


While you’re grilling – especially once you flip it – that fat’s gonna start to drip and catch fire. Do your best to keep the flames down, so you don’t scorch the outside of the meat.

As far as pleasing everyone regarding medium-rare or medium, keep in mind that it’s a large chunk of meat; if it’s medium in the center, it’ll be more well-done toward the outside edges. I wouldn’t do any more than 145 degrees, or you’ll end up with some of it being much more well-done than you probably intended. Once it’s done, there’s a nice charred layer of fat on top that gives it a great flavor.

It was a fun new challenge. I like that you have to be precise with the temperature, chasing it up and down the gauge to make sure it stays in that 350-375 degree window. It takes at least a good 45 minutes. I was on crutches, at the time, and I ended up sitting down in front of the grill and using my crutch to open and close the lid when I saw the temperature gauge climbing. :)



For the asparagus, we like using an Italian salad dressing as a marinade. Once the asparagus has marinated for 30 minutes or so, toss it onto the hot grill for probably no more than 2-3 minutes (unless you like them soft and rubbery). To test, I use tongs to pick one up and wiggle it – once it starts to wiggle (it’s no longer stiff/rigid like when it’s raw) pull them off.

It was so fun to do this for Easter Dinner. One roast easily fed four adults.

If you like steak, you will love this. If it’s your first time, definitely head over to The Tri Tip Guy’s website and watch his video tutorial. Super helpful.