The morning of our boat tour around the island of Skiathos was cool and dreary – typically my favorite kind of weather – but only for when I’m smothered in blankets with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Not as ideal for when I’m swimming in the chilly sea, scantily clad.

The brooding clouds made the normally bight turquoise waters dark and mysterious. Hints of sunshine would fight to make its way through the mist only to be swallowed up again a few minutes later.

Our boat seemed sturdy enough on the calmer sea waters, though the array of crosses, talisman, and saints displayed optimistically at the helm echoed the foreboding feel of the weather.


The northern part of the island juts out of the water forming huge, steep cliffs that on this day looked particularly dramatic above the stormy waters.


As we rounded the island, we caught sight of one of the most famous beaches in Greece, Lalaria.


Lalaria’s smooth, gray stones that line the beach and the hollow arch in the rock have made it so popular among tourists and photographers that it has solidified Skiathos’ reputation worldwide.

After being there for only a few minutes, the clouds mercifully dissipated. The aquamarine waters, the pale jagged cliffs, brilliant purple wildflowers, and gray-green pebbles made this one of our favorite spots of the entire trip.





With the sun finally out, we were tempted to just sit on this beautiful beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun and serenity of the crashing waves.

Sitting on the beach was nice. But all of the sudden, I realized how silly it seemed to have come all this way and not swim out there. It would be cold. And I’m still a little scared of the sea creatures.

“Let’s just do it,” I said. He grinned in response.