I’ve only been practicing calligraphy for 6 days and these images were taken on days 2 and 4 so I’m pretty pleased how well it’s going so far.  Granted I practice about a total of  2-3 hours a day when it’s typically a recommended 20-30 minutes, so my progress is a little skewed for what’s normal.


One of the best things about my calligraphy class, is that you upload images of your practices and my teacher, Melissa, will send feedback on what she sees.  It’s really helpful as you’re developing your own style because she recognizes what works and what doesn’t and points out different techniques that may help it flow better.

uppercaseAs you can see from the pictures, I’ve got the basics down, but this week my goal is focusing on consistency.  Consistency on the sizes and shapes of the letters, the spaces between letters and words, and the angle that I am writing at.

I also need to make some of my uppercase letters more uniform and consistent like making the Bs, Ps, and Rs look similar.  But I’m loving the angular style of these letters.