Since we launched the website earlier this year, I’ve never been fully in love with the logo even though it was a very handsomely designed, multi-layered, and trendy hexagon logo.  As I’ve been exploring my style more and more over these past few months (and also the style of this site) I wanted to design something more simple, rustic, and that reflected the theme of wandering the wilds.  I realize that although mountain peaks depicted as 3 triangles isn’t unbelievably original, I like the austere, simplistic symmetry of it.

The next thing I want to do with the new design is to order some business cards to hand out on the road as we travel.  I’m surprised how many people I know or who I’ve just randomly met that can’t wait for us to move to the Mediterranean so they can follow our travels and experience our adventures vicariously.


I loved making these designs, but it definitely aggravates my worsening case of wanderlust.  Sometimes I just wish that we were in Spain already!