Pen Pals

In order to keep in better contact, my sister had the great idea to become pen pals. I decided to practice my calligraphy for her card and I think it turned out rather nice. I’ve heard the post office takes much more time to sort and deliver hand lettered envelopes, but I think it’s definitely worth the wait for  something so lovely to show up in the mailbox amidst all the junk mail.


New Baby & Wedding Congratulations

My best friends from high school just had a baby girl, Ruby, and I’m a little obsessed with how cute her name is. In fact, it was Ruby’s grandma that started my love for calligraphy in the first place, so it seemed only fitting that her card was the first I used my brand new white ink on.

ruby jane

While practicing the lettering for a card for my über talented friend who recently got married, I also made some mock place cards to show another friend who creates wedding bouquets and styles receptions. After sending her just a few examples she said she was definitely interested in collaborating on some future projects, so I need to work on my skills and portfolio pronto (also, it seems I need a bone folder for those place cards).



Practice Practice Practice

I’ve never been good at writing straight lines without guides, but luckily I can draw in pencil lines that erase easily once the ink is dry. They are faint, but you can see my lines best on the ‘hello there’ image. I’m also working on consistency with my spaces between letters and words and when writing letters like the double Ls and double Ps.  Flourishes are probably my biggest weakness and I’ve been procrastinating practicing them.  Even seemingly easy line extensions like on ‘love’, I can see I need to spend much more time working on those elements. But I still can’t believe how relatively easy and exciting it’s been so far. I love creating new designs and developing this talent and I’m really happy how it’s become a part of my identity.