On Christmas Day 2011, I went out on a walkabout to Morocco (first spending the night in Madrid, Spain). This post originally appeared on my old blog in January 2012 when I got back. It was only a few months before I met Allison. This was the trip that inspired me to quit my corporate job to go freelance, and ultimately is the reason I met Allison when I did. ]

Many of you know that I’ve been talking for some time about a trip to Morocco that I’d been planning for most of last year. Well I finally went, and I had some grand adventures. I’ll try to share some of those in the next few posts, along with some photos. But I didn’t want to make you read through all the stories before getting to the videos. Eat dessert first. :) Hopefully these videos will serve as an overview, of sorts, and provide some context for the stories as I go into them in the next few posts.

If I can summarize, the trip was incredibly cathartic and empowering. I had some of the best days ever, while over there wandering and discovering. New friends and laughter, wonderful solitude, and beauty in a thousand forms (with a dash of peril here and there). Some of these moments have surely joined other cherished memories that make up the highlight-reel of my life. I’m excited to share some of them with you in the coming days. For now, enjoy the videos (I hope they don’t make you motion sick). :)

[ P.S.  They’re worth watching in HD if you’ve got the bandwidth. ]

Part 1:

Part 2: