My sister’s idea to be pen pals has been so fun and has brought me more joy than I ever expected. It’s a perfect chance to practice my calligraphy and to fulfill my only New Year’s resolution which is to empty out my giant box of hoarded envelopes before we move to Spain. But more than that, I love that I am doing something that strengthens my relationship with my sister who lives so far away.

This was my first time using my gold ink, and I must admit that I felt rather classy using it. Gilded, glittering things must still be in my royal ancestral blood. It still surprises me how much I enjoy spending so much time and effort and supplies on doing something small just to brighten her day.


In this day and age of texts and emails, I feel a lot of pride that not only am I sending letters, but that I hand letter them with fancy inks and pens and letters. It is a lovely reminder to spend extra time doing small things that are important and that matter. When we are bombarded with so much electronic stimulus, it feels so cathartic and grounding to dip my pen in shimmery ink and create something that will be so welcomed by my sister.

This tired, busy momma of 3 boys will notice that I match the stamp with the color of my envelope. She’ll recognize how much time it took me and will be comforted knowing I spent all that time thinking of her when she’s only spent her time taking care of the boys. When she reads “I love you” on the front of that card, she’ll know how true it is. Such a small thing, a card in the mail, but oh how it matters.


I love that this is what my mailbox looks like as of late. Maybe if I’m lucky, the postman will notice that lovely letters matter to him too.