Since we got to Athens on April 1st, Allison and I have been working feverishly on multiple projects for clients, as well our own projects for our web media studio, Vagabond Original. Of course we’ve taken the metro and buses around town to see some sights. We’ve taken the tram to some of the nearby beaches to enjoy the cold, calm Aegean Sea. We’ve wandered through some fun, kitschy flea markets. We go for walks around the neighborhood – usually to go get amazing pork gyros and to say hi to all of Allison’s local cat friends.

A few weeks ago, after working all morning, 1pm showed up out of nowhere. Suddenly, my worker bee mind was corrupted with a thought:

“I can’t spend another moment inside.”

I went for an urban-nature hike.

I started north from our apartment in the Ambelokipi neighborhood of Athens, made up of busy streets lined with tall, white apartments. The hill got steeper and steeper until I came to a “T” intersection, where the seemingly endless alleys and apartments abruptly ended on one side of the street. On the other side, I found an inviting hillside made up of trees and trails. I accepted their invite.



After a few minutes of hiking around, I found a place to sit and whipped out my pen and sketchpad. I sketched and scribbled logo ideas and other stuff that was hiding in my brain. I thought I was ready to head back.

But when I got back to where I was about to leave the hillside and return into the streets below, I saw a path leading farther up the hill. I couldn’t help myself.


It was fairly steep, and the sun was beating down. Each time I got to a crest, I took a rest and enjoyed the view, thinking I’d head back down after that – and each time, I was thwarted by another thought:

“Maybe just a little farther.”

Soon I could see above the trees. I was starting to see the Athens below. Each time, I’d snap a picture on my phone, but I wasn’t satisfied. I had to go a little higher. I kept hiking, each time thinking I’d turn back after this next little bit.

Soon I was at the very top of the hill, I as rewarded with quite a view.


I took a little more time for myself. I recharged. I breathed. Soon, I was ready to head back down and get back to work. On the way back down the hill, there was one last thought that stood out to me:



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