perpetual calendar

I love dreary weather.  Rain and lightning storms, snow, fog, and dark clouds would be in my ideal forecast.  My favorite colors of greys and taupes would be considered boring and blah by most, by they are so cozy to me.  I like sunshine and summer just fine, but mostly summer to me equals being sweaty, frizzy hair from the humidity, and never enough Otter Pops to keep cool.

Cold, dreary weather equals some of my favorite things – cozy blankets, fireplaces, and hot chocolate.  Not to mention boots and scarves, hot apple cider, lots of baked goods to warm up the house, all the holidays and festivities, and my favorites – snuggling and cuddling.  Even writing this post, I’m curled up on the couch (with my squnched arms and wrists definitely not in an ergonomically correct position) in my favorite grey cardigan and emerald scarf and wrapped in the warmest, softest, squashiest blanket I’ve ever had.

So it was no surprise that I immediately fell in love with this calendar from Arina Pozdynak.  The tones and colors, the mist and fog, and I love the artist’s message about why she didn’t include individual dates.  “Don’t mind what day it is today … just live.”  Since I started working from home a few months ago, it’s been the first time since I was probably four years old that I do whatever I want all day long.

It has been so liberating to just be and to have time to do all the creative things I would consistently put off when I was in school or working.   Obviously when a madly-in-love, newlywed couple both work at home we get distracted a lot, but I know we will certainly miss this time together when we have kids and busier schedules and perhaps a job that he needs to go to an office for.  So for now I spend my days being utterly spoiled and absolutely loving it.