After to talking to some friends today about our upcoming travels, I found myself daydreaming about Spain.  One of my favorite things about traveling to places outside the US is people watching and discovering how they spend their down time.  In the States, we always seem to be plugged-in, distracted, and multi-tasking.  And though my introverted personality would rather surf and post updates then be forced to find someone to interact with, technology is making people watching really boring these days.

It didn’t take me long to figure out why Africans are such amazing storytellers.  In so many places that I was in, after sun down, there was nothing to do except listen to long, interesting tales.  In the research that I’ve done, sounds like Spaniards are similar in their love of telling stories, just louder, more exaggerated, and everyone chiming in their two bits.

A few months ago we made the decision to get rid of my phone as I didn’t really need it anymore.  Before we did, I wondered if I’d go through withdrawls (like I would frequently do in Africa – going to reach for my phone in my pocket because I thought I felt or heard it vibrate when I hadn’t had a phone in weeks).  I’ve been surprised how much I didn’t care and only missing it when I’d think of a funny movie quote I’d want to text to my family.  Jeff and I are usually always together, so there is some talk of what to do when I go somewhere, but then we just pretend like it’s 2000 and I say I’ll just borrow a phone if I really need to.

I do worry about the future kids we will have one day and how uncool I’ll be cause I won’t get them every gadget their friends have.  If I long for simpler times now, I definitely will then.  So hopefully while we’re in Spain and Greece and all these other amazing, family oriented places, I’ll learn a thing or two about making real and important connections with others (not my current just liking their new profile picture connecting).

I found these vintage travel posters and photographs of a simpler time in Spain while I was wanderlusting and daydreaming of adventures to come.  It’s a shame art like that isn’t readily made anymore.  And those gowns with all the ruffles, lace, and fringe are beautiful.  Luckily there are plenty of festivals year round that are famous for traditional, lavish costumes, so I may catch a glimpse.

vintage spain posters

vintage portraits

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