Freebie: Christmas Card Printable

I recently told my sister of my utter disdain for the font, Papyrus, and then basically threatened her to never, never, ever use it. She emailed me today about an invitation she needed to make for a church Christmas activity and was afraid she might succumb to using Papyrus, so would I be interested in helping. Since I obviously feel very strongly about typography and ridding the world of ugly, overused, terrible fonts, I agreed.

(For font recommendations and links to download, check out the handsome font collections I put together here.) 

I liked the design I made for her so much that I decided to turn it into a Christmas card printable for you to use this season (but only if you promise never to use atrocious fonts). It’s perfectly sized for a 5 x 7 card. Click here to download the file. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas


Favorite Fonts: Hand Lettered Scripts

The second installment of my favorite fonts. This time I wanted to highlight my favorite script fonts with a hand lettered look. If you couldn’t tell by most of my recent posts, I seem to be a little obsessed with Mumford & Sons, and it shows up again here with their song titles. Jeff says to never apologize for music that you love, so I will not, but I also promise to highlight artists other than Mumford for a while :) All fonts are free for personal use too!





Favorite Fonts: The Hand Lettered Look

After my last post, it’s safe to say I’ve been a little obsessed with hand lettered designs. I even swindled some early birthday presents, two premium, hand drawn fonts (the last two on this list). I love finding new fonts and sharing them with Jeff, but I collect so many he can’t remember which ones are his favorite, so I created this Mumford & Sons inspired list for easy reference. All of the fonts are FREE except the last two, $20 & $15 respectively, as well as the title font (though it’s free if you have the Adobe Creative Suite).