In honor of my sister’s 32nd birthday this past week, I mailed her a birthday advent calendar.  I made these handsome cards in Photoshop and wrote a favorite memory on the back of each card.  Luckily my mom is currently visiting her, so I enlisted her help to put them up on display.  The idea is to send it early enough that they turn over one card a day until their birthday, but I didn’t have the idea until just a few days before and didn’t think to include washi tape in the package which would have added a nice finishing touch.  But my mom did a great job getting this surprise ready for her and the result was a big hit.  It made her day and she said Ahhhh on every one.


I love how the cards turned out, simple and modern with a definite Scandinavian minimalist feel.  Since I was rushed to get these to her in time for her birthday, I only did 9 basic designs, so I plan to expand that and have them ready when I launch my online shop soon.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in purchasing the design, just send me an email.